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Student Life Membership - a great initiative
Wednesday 23 February 2011
Membership details of the SLM program

This offer is available only to current students at the school.

Melbourne High School Old Boys’ Association membership can help you survive and thrive throughout your university and working life. It is a unique opportunity to contribute and network. Yet, student life membership costs just $400. It provides all MHS students with the opportunity of being a MHSOBA financial member for life. No more annual membership fees. No further payments once the plan is complete. And to ease the initial cost, there are many options for payment.

The benefits of membership

Many old boys are involved in the various programs supporting current students:
• luncheon seminars
• career nights
• professional career seminars
• mentoring current students
• financial assistance for students in need
• support for students attending national and
international youth conferences
• work experience providers for Year 10 SLMs 
• 'Student Well Being' program advisers
• 'Transition into the Future' program providers
• sports team coaches
• sports days, such as lawn bowls and golf

As soon as you join MHSOBA as a student life member you receive:
• a membership card
• monthly electronic newsletter highlighting all MHSOBA
events with special listings of student activities
• advance notice of student luncheon career seminars for all year groups
• invitations to special purpose professional evenings conducted and sponsored by old boy members.

All students in years 11 and 12 are welcome to attend the mentor program administered by the MHSOBA and the MHSOBA Green, Maroon & Black Patrons’ Club.

In addition, two students in years 9, 10, 11 and 12 can apply to be our young ambassadors including being a member of our student advisory committee.

Joining members will also receive a complimentary copy of Kenneth Jack's set of 4 signed prints of Melbourne High School, Diamond Jubilee Collection (valued at $40). These can be collected from the MHSOBA office in school hours.

What benefits do you receive as a tertiary student?

Tertiary student life members receive access to:
• the 'Beyond School' program operating at Victorian universities
• undergraduate professional seminars
• undergraduate scholarships up to nearly $20,000pa
• course and career networking opportunities
• old boy professionals in firms offering work experience, holiday
employment and career starts.

How does it work?

Student life membership costs $400, with no further payments for life.

Normal annual membership of MHSOBA costs $45pa for tertiary students and $65pa for adult members. So student life membership represents a huge saving.

The usual method of payment is either:
• one payment of $400 or
• 4 payments of $100pa over a 4-year period.

Other options include:

If a student leaves MHS before the expiration of 4 years, you have the option of paying the balance of the $400 student life membership, or opting instead for a partial student life membership as follows:
• after payment of $100 - partial student life membership for 5 years
• after payment of $200 - partial student life membership for 8 years
• after payment of $300 - partial student life membership for 10 years

Partial student life membership can then be converted to an annual membership on completion of the fixed term. Or membership may not be continued, if you so desire.

Leaving the membership scheme completely entitles you to a refund of fees paid in full for years 9 and 10 or 50% of payments if in years 11 and 12. In this case no MHSOBA membership benefits will apply.

As a student life member full benefits of MHSOBA membership apply.

Simply complete the form on the brochure to gain membership.

MHSOBA was founded in 1907 and has been going strong for over 100 years.

There are now over 30,000 former students on our database, since the school moved to Forrest Hill from its original Spring Street Melbourne site in 1927.

View or download SLM Brochure
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