2018 MHS ANZAC Commemoration Service


2018 MHS ANZAC Commemoration Service

event date: 23-Apr-2018
The ANZAC Commemoration Service took place on Monday, April 23rd at MHS in the Memorial Hall to recognise and commemorate the commitment and sacrifice that Old Boys have made since The Great War.

Along with MHS Principal, a number of Old Boys were in attendance including Major General Professor Jeffrey V Rosenfeld AC, OBE who was selected to be the guest speaker this year.

Here’s an extract from his speech:

“ I know some of you are thinking that Anzac Day is of no importance [...] We are here to remember the courage and sacrifice of those Australians and our allies who fought to preserve our freedom and democracy and were injured or indeed paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. […] To me as an Australian and a veteran, Anzac Day means remembering the courage and sacrifice of those who have gone before me and taking the responsibility of keeping the memories alive. [...] We should never take for granted the defence of our nation. Let us remember what all Australian soldiers, sailors and airmen have sacrificed to allow Australia to grow in peace and prosperity as a vibrant multicultural democracy. Let us particularly remember those men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in wars past. May they rest in peace.”

Full speech available here:

2018 ANZAC Commemoration Service 2018 ANZAC Commemoration Service (408 KB)

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