2018 MHSOBA Annual Dinner


2018 MHSOBA Annual Dinner

event date: 15-Mar-2018
The Langham Melbourne
1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank
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Join us for our flagship event of the year, the 2018 MHSOBA Annual Dinner with guest speaker Chris Edwards (MHS exit 2003), young entrepreneur and founder of Oscar Hunt Tailor.

Below is part of the transcript from the interview Chris had with Adam Ashton for his book MHS Entrepreneurs.  Attend the Annual Dinner  to hear the rest of Chris's great story.

“Fail as much as you can early on. The only condition is – you can’t make the same mistake twice”

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is a young entrepreneur who has learned from his ‘failures’ in past business ventures to build Melbourne’s leading suit tailor, Oscar Hunt. Chris was the School Vice Captain of the Class of 2003 at Melbourne High School and went on to study Commerce at Melbourne University.

“I wasn’t too bad at school,” Chris said, “but I think there might have been some concerns when I became Vice Captain… When I finished school, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do.”
After a summer internship at a large accounting firm, Chris realised he wouldn’t be happy in the ‘rat race’ and decided to build something of his own. He went out and tried a bunch of ideas hoping that one would eventually stick. The one that worked was Oscar Hunt, and today he is focused on growing his baby. Oscar Hunt has expanded to a second city and they have international expansion in their sights.

Chris had a blast at MHS and then went on to enjoy his time at Melbourne Uni too. He admits that he probably enjoyed the uni lifestyle a little too much and spent a bit too much out of uni rather than in it. After a few semesters, he took two years off and travelled the world. He worked a ski season in France, spent a few months backpacking around Europe, then live year in South America for a year. Upon his return, he found that most of his friends were “finishing their degrees and getting their first real jobs” and he thought to himself, “I really need to start doing something”. He believed his grades from his first few semesters weren’t good enough and he had no professional experience, so he went back to continue his degree and decided to take University a lot more seriously.

“During the first two years of Uni, I’d spent a lot of time not at Uni,” Chris told me. “I had a lot of fun, but it didn’t turn out so well when it came to exam time”. After a conscious effort to improve his application to the academic side of his education, Chris was able secure a summer internship at Ernst & Young.

“I already knew deep down that (that field of work) wasn’t going to suit me, but the one month of work experience certainly cemented the fact that the corporate world wasn’t for me”. In his final year, he came to a mindset changing decision.

“Well… I guess I have to do my own thing”.
Rather than focusing on economics and finance, he began preparing to build and grow a business of his own.

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