Vale - Colin Brumby


Vale - Colin Brumby

event date: 08-Feb-2018
Colin J Brumby
MHS Exit 1951
18 June 1933 – 3 January 2018

Colin Brumby is one of Australia’s most notable composers has died, aged 84. Brumby cam to MHS from Spring Road Central and was at the school from 1947-1951. He made an outstanding contribution to the musical life of the school, In the House Chorals, Como was invincible under Brumby’s baton. He also conducted the school orchestra at Speech Night. Gaining honours in music he went to the University of Melbourne where he completed his Dip.Mus, MUS.Bac and Dip.Ed.

He did past graduate study in musical composition overseas with Alexander Goch in London, Philipp Jarnaett in Spain and Franko Evangelestini in Rome. He was appointed to the Music Department at the University of Queensland where he became an Assoc Professor. He retired in 1998. In Queensland he was also Music Director of the Queensland Opera and had other posts in music.

A prolific composer he completed operas, operetta’s for children, symphonies, concerts for a variety of instruments, keyboard compositions , songs and a large folio of choral music. He was generous and often did compositions for groups with a fee. Including a “Leavers Song” for the Centenary Speech Night of MHS. His work is frequently played on the ABC.

Brumby was regarded as a melodic composer, who was known for his pioneering work in opera especially.  He won various awards and was recognised as a outstanding composer.

Certainly a most distinguished old boy of the School.

Dr Alan Gregory AM
MHS 1955

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